Thursday, January 12, 2012

Things our dog knows #1 & early reno projects

We got a puppy in May, and since then, our days haven't really been the same.  I think we can finally say that we have successfully house trained him, and I think he can finally say that he's whipped us into much better and regular shape.  Symbiotic relationship?  

As we've finally got settled into our new home, we've been slowly wrapping our brains around fix it projects and we've been exploring our new surroundings.  To Poseidon's pleasure, we've discovered a new dog park, complete with a huge field, a cross country ski path that outlines the perimeter along with a gorgeous forested area.  I'm not sure who was more pleased with the discovery of our new local dog park.  It seems as though most of his new furry friends are very well behaved, and we haven't been too concerned about aggressive dogs (our concern about Poseidon's recall is another thing).  

We were surprised to see that our dog actually knew his way home after our third or fourth visit at the park.  We were walking down our street, and he stopped in front of the house as though to say, hey guys, I know what we're doing next - we're going home!  Our dog knows the way home.

Another thing that he knows is that sleeping on the (unplugged) circular saw is a great way to relax after supervising reno projects.

Apart from unpacking, there were very few pressing projects that we had to tackle immediately, but one we couldn't put off was our kitchen light.  Our old light fixture was from 1970, and barely made a difference when we turned it on.  It was time to go.  My favourite reno-man took to the project with the enthusiasm of a kid on Christmas morning.  And just like Christmas morning, there were some unexpected surprises - electrical surprises!  Surprises which resulted in more trips to Rona for merrets, electrical boxes and electrical tape.  A larger hole in the ceiling later, and some drywall snow

and some supervision from our favourite canine pal,

the new kitchen light was installed!  

Granted, there IS a giant hole in ceiling, but we'll fix that after the electrical, insulation and kitchen reno are done!

Next up on the list was the dishwasher.  Our old one was dated, and in need of replacement.  We were worried that it would eat our dishes alive.  After a(nother) trip to Ikea, we picked out our dishwasher.  We know that eventually, when we do our full kitchen reno, we'd like to put a panel on the front, so we went ahead and bought a compatible dishwasher.  In the meantime, we're just using the front that it has - an ugly front, but a FUNCTIONAL dishwasher!  Everyone is happy!

Poseidon found a good use for the dishwasher box...

And last but not least, we figured that it was time to get a headboard, so once again, my favourite reno-man jumped to the occasion.  We went to Ikea and the As-Is section had the perfect returned plank of stained wood.  After some measuring, cutting, 2x4 assemblage, Chicago screws, and a wee bit of assembly, we had a new headboard!

More housing adventures to come! 

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