Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Weekend in Review #1

We've noticed that as a result of having a very energetic dog, one side effect is that we walk around our neighbourhood much more than we would if we didn't have a dog.  We're blessed with an awesome dog park less than 2km away from our house, and during our hike, we were greeted by this very friendly tree:

Which boded quite well for the weekend.  Our neighbourhood friendly tree was featured on: http://blog.spontaneoussmiley.com/?p=9584 .  Way to go Ottawa!

On Saturday, our usual antics were enriched by the company of our friend Dan and his side kick Barclay.  Once again, we were off to our favourite park, but this time, with our cross country skis AND the dogs!

The car ride went rather smoothly, thanks to Barclay's supervision of the backseat passengers:

The cross country skiing went remarkably well, considering how much of a gong show it could have been with two energetic puppies, but they stayed near us, and were troopers despite the lack of treats being dolled out.  Our outdoor adventure was  cut short, due to the -20 degree weather, and the biting wind.  

On Sunday, we slept in for a whopping 30 minutes, and by the time we got downstairs, Poseidon left us a little reminder of why he doesn't let us sleep in.... In the afternoon, we realized that we had run out of dog food, so off we went to our local pet shop to pick up our usual 60lb bag of dog food.  You'll note in the picture, that the bag is so huge, Thomas couldn't even close off his backpack.

After solving the mystery of why the water in our dishwasher kept shutting off, and fixing it, we decided to make our new dishwasher more aesthetically pleasing by mounting a front on it (truth be told
I bet Ikea never thought of selling plywood as a cabinet door.  Shabby chic?

We had to replace our old ceiling lamp in the living room.  It had emphysema or something from the 30+ years of smoke that it had been exposed to.  We found this great replacement at the Home depot.  You can find a similar one here .

One more trip to the dog park with the cross country skis, (it was fairly dark out already, and Poseidon prefers not to be seen in his winter jacket) and that was our weekend.

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